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Lost My Name
Responsive eCRM suite 
Concept development, art and design direction.


Full stack publishing startup Lost My Name offers personalised children's picture books. The company was founded by ‘three dads and an uncle’ and is currently headquartered in East London, United Kingdom.

In these books every child is taken on a unique adventure to find each letter of their name, with help from wise and wonderful friends. Each book varies in length depending on the number of letters in the child’s name. It’s a minimum of 24 pages long. The books can only been ordered via the Lost My Name website.


My brief was to create a thought-through, consistent set of communications, with dozens of trigger points, to make the user journey as smooth as possible. The eCRM suite included pretty much every situation from ‘on-boarding’ emails to ‘books shipped’ notifications.

From scratch I created new templates and design rules, I introduced Google webfonts and I defined alternative font stacks to control the display of the communications.

The suite has been localised in multiple languages.